Romance, why am I so attracted to it?

“Love, in a world where carpenters can be resurected, anything is possible”

  Eleanor of Aquitaine


Years ago I discovered Lesbian romance novels. I had never really enjoyed romance novels I didn’t find

them realistic. But, when I discovered the novels of Karin Kallmaker I didn’t really care how realistic they were, I was hooked.

You see,  I had read gay and lesbian theme books before, but, they always tended to end badly, to offer no hope.

It could also be that at the time I discovered Kallmaker I discovered the gay, lesbian and feminist bookstore

(the now dearly departed L’Androgyne.)

I wanted to read about women like me. Women  who were attracted to and loved other women. I was not suicidal

and I was not ashamed but, I was starving for representation. At the time, lesbians did not exist except in a pathetic

or derisive way in books or movies. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometimes like a century ago.

It is in fact fifteen, twenty years give or take a year. The world has changed a lot since then. We went from kd Lang

and Melissa Etheridge coming out to the big splash of Ellen. In Canada, where I live it is legal to marry—- that my friends is progress.

It used to be that we would get excited about a movie where the lesbian(actually bisexual) character

was a vampire because there on screen were two beautiful women (Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve in The

Hunger) kissing and topless.

Kallmaker and others represented lesbians in happy mode. Wooing each other, breaking up, getting back together and having hot and heavy sex. The sex was hot but, it always involved love and that to me is irresistible.

I’m a hopeless romantic. I love a happy ending. I know, from personal experience, that life isn’t like that

 but, so what, a girl can dream can’t she?

I’m attracted to romance novels  because, I’m attracted to hope.

Reading a lot of romance

Yeah, so I’ve been reading a lot of lesbian romance of late.

 I’m going to be writing  reviews for Kissed By Venus lesbian literary web page as well as some stuff for Amazon. I sometimes wonder what it is I like about lesbian romance novels. I guess the answer is— it’s all about hope.

None of us really believe that love and romance happens in real life the way it does in romance novels.

Here’s the thing—— it’s about fantasy, not reality.

 Not about the deep recesses of our soul(that place is reserved for Murder Mysteries which I will discuss another time)

romance novels are all about the sun bathed part of our secret fantasy life, the one in which we are smarter, sexier,

younger and practically irresistible. Not a damn thing wrong with that. It’s good to visit happy places sometimes.

So, in that spirit I have read seven romance books in the last week. Some I really liked, some really not.

I adored Long Shot by D. Jackson Leigh published by Bold stroke Books. The characters were irresistible. The butchy Vet with the heart of gold, the ambitious reporter who’s been trying to rise above her Fundamental Christian family.It has humour and romance— a winning combination. If you like Karin Kallmaker or even Fern Micheals with a gay twist, you’ll like Long Shot. (More details to come in next post)

The Larry Mcmurtry book I mentioned in my last post turned out to be as fabulous as expected. If you like and care about books, read it. I believe it is one of the books I’ll be re-reading periodically for a long time to come.

More on romance, gay style— soon.


Some thoughts on a book I am reading

Right now I am reading a book that is very simply entitled Books  it is by Larry McCurthry ofProduct Details

Lonesome Dove fame. It terrific a book about a life spent in books. Reading them, writing them and selling

them. Larry has long been a book hunter and dealer. He says he started hunting books in order to read them.

This book is well worth reading for anyone who loves books. I’m only a quarter in and already I would highly

recommend it. Anyway more later. BB

What is a bookish butch?

What is a bookish butch?                                                                                                                                                                    

I don’t know about others, but this one is a softly masculine woman in her forties who can never seem

to get her nose out of a book.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about me and the aim of this blog.

As, previously stated I can never seem to get my nose out of a book

(this has been detrimental to my love life over the years, bookish people should

only be with bookish people or people who travel a lot)

I love the books of John Irving (especially The World According to Garp), the movies of Tarantino

and Frank Capra. I never wear black shoes. I think Kate Winslett is God’s gift to all of us dykes

(and guys as well!)

I read 2 or 3 books a week. This blog will be about lesbian themed books, but, not exclusively.

Sarah Schulman is to me a great underappreciated talent.

Soon, I post my first book review .

’til then