A Butch and her Uterus

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me start by stating,

that I realize the title,

of this post,

will freak,

a few of you,

right out.

That isn’t,

my intention,


it is,

my intention,

to write,

about something,


that many women face,

every day.

For the last two days,

I have been,

in abject terror mode.

On Wednesday morning,

I found out,

that I had to have,

a complete,





fallopian tubes,



is a terrifying thing to hear.

But, after two days,

of talking it out,



getting info,

and feedback,

from other women.

I realize it could have,

been so much,


I do not have cancer,

what I have,

is a big fibroid,

very big,


I have a great surgeon,


a top notch team,

my health is good,

I have no pain,

the fibroid,

has to come out


it could lead to,

other problems,

with my internal organs.


the prognosis is excellent.

So, after spending,




in my life,

thinking about my uterus,

the next few months,

will  pretty much,


all about my uterus.



I got my hair cut,

very short,

GI Jane,

Ripley in Alien 3,



I am taking on,

a big fight,


I want to concentrate,

all my energy,

on winning,

I need to keep,

my body and mind,



keep a positive attitude,


trust that,

the very competent,


in charge of my care,

will do what needs,

to be done.

I am writing about it,


it is a big deal to me,

and I write about,


that are a big deal to me,

not so much because,

I am self-obsessed,

as some may,





lots of things,

that we think affect only us,

do in fact have,

a universality to them.

The health issues,

or challenges may,

not be identical,


many of us,

will face these issues,


much more serious,

and we,

all of us,

need to process them.

My blog,

for years,

has been,

my processing,


it helps me get,


what I real think,

about things,

in a way it is,

a sounding board,

a wall on which,

I throw paint,

it is mine.



like what I write,


not so much,


that is as it should be,

not everyone,

likes everything,

I certainly don’t.

I try here,

to express my truth,

as I see it,

and understand it,




Right, now,

it is about my uterus.

I will be fine,


the fact is I am so much,

more than a,


Thanks for reading,

I hope I didn’t make you,

all too uncomfortable,

or squirmy.

Be well.

Later girls,





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Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my very early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream

7 thoughts on “A Butch and her Uterus”

  1. Hey there! I was trying to see if you’re the one who reviewed my novel EASY STREET (Lillian Byrd crime series), rather a few years back, and if you’d be interested in seeing the long-awaited next in the series, LEFT FIELD. But first, my sympathies on the upcoming surgery. I had the exact same situation about fifteen years ago. Got through the surgery and recovered. Not a lot of fun, but when it has to be done, it has to be done. I’ll be thinking about you. (If you’d like a copy of the new book, just let me know. I have it in mobi, epub, and pdf.)

  2. Thanks for the kind words and support. I don’t recall reading Easy Street. Right now my plate is pretty full, but, sounds like it might be a good read for recovery, good luck with the new one

  3. Hey BB – you’re the second friend to get this news within the same week. Sarah’s surgery was yesterday. Like many women our age, I have several other friends who’ve gone through this – some have been surprised by their emotional response afterward. Good luck and good health – I hope your surgery is “routine” and your recovery easy.

  4. Thank you Dee, I am still at the chicken shit fear part, I mean, I know lots of women go through this and it is practically routine, but, I have had robust health my entire life, so not an easy thing to wrap my head around. As far as the emotional reaction, well, I expect that will come with my recovery, especially since I will have menopause to deal with as well, good times ahead, I am sure, but, I feel, deep in me, that I will be ok, truly.

  5. I’d be sick with fear myself. Surgery is no joke. Routine or not, it’s a huge deal. I don’t envy you the surgical menopause bit – that’s also no joke. Good luck with that! :-/

    Nice haircut by the way!

  6. I’ll get through it, I have lots of love and support and I know I have it in me, the strength, I’m butch, after all, all kidding aside, it’s scary but, doable. I like the hair too, and this way my hair will stay perfectly coiffed throughout

  7. I’ve been behind in online reading, so am late hearing your news and, in the meantime, you’ve had plentyplentyplenty of worry-time and are now in later stages of prep, including packing your reading (arugably the most important part of your recovery). Oh, the waiting, the waiting, and how crazy we make ourselves when facing uncertainty. Gah. But I love the new haircut and think your decision to sport it now is just perfect! And of course you’re absolutely right, one must get through one part to get to the next part. Will think all-good-things for you in the coming weeks. 🙂

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