A good book and nice surprises

I’m reading James Agee’s   A Death In The Family,


His reputation is deserved.

His social realism and characterisations are brilliant.

I am not surprised that it represents a decade’s work.

Philip Roth,

 Ok, I have to say it.


I have given up,

 no more.

I admit defeat, maybe I just don’t get it and you know,

I don’t want to.

I had a lovely evening.

I was expecting to stay home and watch Master chef.

I ended up going to have a beer at a friend’s house.

I have to confide,

 I was apprehensive that perhaps it would be uncomfortable.

I had only met her guy a few times and very briefly.

I knew he was nice,

but beyond that I didn’t know what to expect.

It was very enjoyable and stimulating.

Good company and good conversation always are.

The past week has been filled with pleasant little  surprises.

Walks by the river and intelligent conversations.

After, the summer of Hell,

 perhaps it will be a fall of growth and joy.

Here’s hoping.

Later girls


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