Happy Mothers day

Good morning girls:-)

Here in the  beautiful/ugly,


it is a gorgeous sunny day,

fitting as it is,

Mothers day.

Anybody who knows,


or reads my blog,


this butch loves her mom.

My mom,

is special,

I suppose most of us,

think that of our moms.

My mom,

is a little woman,

who has lived a life,

of both,

duty and independence.

My mom,

is a bit of trailblazer,

a quiet one.

Never flashy,

never screeching,


no shrinking violet either.

She is her.

Mom came from a loving,

working class French Canadian family,

the eldest of four,

she wasn’t of a time when,


or anyone,

for that matter,

went to school for much more,

than high school,


in her social milieu.

In spite of that,

I don’t know many,

who are quite as well read as her.

She has read,

the classics,






mom reads,

still does.

She rarely told me what to do,

she was an example,

she bought me books,

we read,

we watched great films as a family,

she loved my father,


without conditions,

she has loved me the same way.

Mom doesn’t pontificate,

or make speeches,

she got up,


went to work,

in all conditions,

including when she was sick,

she was/is a rock.

She lived intensely,

without duty shirking,

she thinks what she thinks,

fears not telling you,


doesn’t ram it down your throat.

The words honour, valour, courage,

all apply to her,

she’s on your side,

she will never be anything else.

Life hasn’t always been easy for her,


she has lived it.

For someone,

who looks,

pretty mild mannered,

she is tough,


an iconoclast,


has style,

all her own,

classic with a touch of whimsy.

Mom isn’t a wannabe in any way,

she just is her,


her is like no-one else.

I hope you are all as lucky,

mom wise.





Here she is as I see her.

I love you mom


Later girls,




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