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Fuck it.  I often hear of people who hate their jobs but feel like it’s too late to change.  If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got more working years ahead of you than behind you.  If you aren’t happy, just say fuck it and leave.  You’ll never make the drastic change you want with the safety net of a shitty job.  I knew I couldn’t be an investment banker and have the life I wanted.  When I left, I had no idea what I was going to do for money.  But I figured it out.  Trust me, you will too.

I read this on Tumblr, today, and it sums up so much, what I believe. It’s borrowed from a blog called Lifestyle of the unemployed.

For the past few months,

you may all know,

I have been working,

as a survey monkey,

it’s part time,

the pay sucks,


strangely enough,

I like it.

I am a rock star,

at it,


it does offer certain rewards,

I work with,

a bunch,

of weird,

interesting people,

I talk to hundreds of people,

a week,

all over the country,

I work four hours a night.

I don’t feel obligation,

I could quit,



I stay,

for the time being,

it suits,


just fine.

Do I wish it payed,

a few bucks more,

an hour?


Of course I do,

am I willing to give up,

my time, my energy,

my creative time,

for a few bucks more?


I’m lucky, I manage,

in great part,

because of the,




of my mother.

I don’t think the leanness,

of my paychecks,

will go on forever,


for the time being,

this is the path.

I know many people,

who are trapped in jobs,

many others,

who like their jobs,

jobs aren’t always,

about passion,

they are the means to an end.

We all have ‘bills’,



much more than others.

Some of my acquaintances,

make three times,

more an hour than I do,


they are miserable,

no passions,

no hobbies,


not much in the way,

of companionship,

or interaction,


they would be better off,

working less,

making less money,


living more,


Buying into what is expected of you,

from society,

or capitalist consumerism,

just isn’t the way to happiness,



I’d like to also put this out there,

making less money,

doesn’t make you a loser,

anymore than,

it makes you a winner.

But, giving yourself,

room to breathe,

to think,

to read,

to spend times with the ones,

you love,

well, to me,

that is important.

My survey monkey job,

allows me to spend,


with my friends,

doesn’t allow,

all inclusive trips to Cuba,


that isn’t my thing anyway.

I like clothes,

I like to go out to lunch,

and for coffee,

I find ways,


I have generous friends,



they spoil me,

mostly by giving me their time,

cooking me dinner,

and such.

I am not too proud,

to acknowledge,

their generosity,


also to recognize,

that for years,

I did it for others,

my generosity with others,


is less of a monetary thing,


I hope that my ear and shoulder,

are there for those of my friends,

who need it.

I think my point is,


do what you want,

make your choices,

listen to your voice,

not that of others,

if your voice wants you to work,

like an ape and make oodles of money,



that’s cool,

but, respect that others make different choices,


that even if they make minimum wage,

doesn’t make them losers,

it is in fact,


a harder choice.

Just some thoughts rambling through my mind.

Later girls,




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