The details for WomenAloud

Hello girls,

hope your are all well,

keeping warm,

keeping your bods,

and hearts safe.

I wanted to give,

you all,

the details,

of the podcast.

It will air tomorrow,

Wednesday (the 19 th)

my part is at 8 pm mtn,

which is 10 pm,

eastern time.

Shawn Marie Bryan and I discuss,

our love for 84 Charing cross road.

It was an absolute,


to do so.

Shawn Marie is a warm,




a nice woman,

she made feel at ease,

right off,

as if we had been,

chatting for years.

I really hope that is,

how it translates,


that those of you,

who listen in,

will enjoy,

recognize your joy,

in the book,

or run out and get,

a copy,


if you have read it,

or not.

It is internet radio,


the show is WomenAloud,

and will be rebroadcast,

the next day and later,

be available in the


hope you enjoy it.

Let me know.


I will review,

The Couch Sessions,


give details as to how,

you may purchase,

the book,

’til then.

Later girls,




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