The Narrow Corner

Short, therefore, is man’s life, and narrow is the corner of the earth wherein he dwells.

Well, I finished The Narrow Corner by Somerset Maugham.

 It was good.

It takes place in the south sea islands and provides an astute analysis of human nature,

 as always with Maugham.

 How love can be treacherous and unrequited.

Not exactly light but, so well written.

 His prose is always so clear.

With Maugham, you always get an entertaining story and always some unexpected.


 I think Small Island by Andrea Levy.

 I want something big and meaty.

Also I would like to be transported to another land and another time.

I don’t know much about Jamaica, hopefully this novel will help me learn a little. 

Also it  takes place in London post World War II one of my favourite periods.

As always I will let you know.

 Not much else on the horizon.

Have a good one

Later girls


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