A picture…

While my thoughts on,

Persistence: All Ways Butch And Femme,

are marinating,

lots to take in,

to reflect on,

especially in the heat:-)

I thought I would share,

some Gay pride,


some thoughtful,

thought provoking,


anger inducing,




of the visual kind,

as in art,





Tell me what you think.

I like that:-)

not a bad word.

Nice needle work.

Photo: Love is not a phase! <3

Succinct, isn’t it?


Yeah, it’s not one of my favourite words either, still…

Again, speaks for itself.

Pinned Image


Come out, show the world we don’t have horns!

Not that there is anything wrong with that…some of my best friends have horns:-P

Pinned Image

It does, some people!!???,

that’s the hard part.

Dr Suess

Hello, 1 per cent? You listening?

and most important of all…

99%  by Bonobo Photo Co.

Always, take important things, seriously, be involved, try to change your world, if not the world, spread to word, care.

Later girls,


**all pictures, quotes etc, via face book and Pinterest, see it’s not all drunken co-eds, baby pictures and people behaving badly, or is it??**





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