Quebec complexity

Looks like we might,

actually get a break,

from the heat,

please, please:-)

I’ve had a bit,


a rough week,

the weather, the moon residue,

end of August was the blue moon, you know what that means, major moon howling going on!!!

This Tuesday was,

the election,

here is Quebec,


the turn out was big,

almost 75 percent,

a twenty year high,

the Parti Quebecois,

the sovereignist parti,

(they have as article one of their charter to make Quebec a sovereign state- a scary prospect for many Quebeckers, probably more so for the English minority-But at this point it is kind of a non-issue because the Partie Quebecois has been around for over forty years and has been the government of Quebec for a good part of that forty years, but it’s been a while since they formed the government and their current leader, Pauline Marois is seen as a hard core ‘separatist’, so some people are antsy, honestly not much will change, I’m sure)

was elected with a little more,

than 31 per cent,

the Liberals,

(a government, plagued with allegations,of corruption,and,nine years in office, three successive turns)

got a little less than 31 percent,


the upstart,

Coalition Avenir Quebec,

a little less,

than twenty-eight per cent



some would say,

Quebeckers are divided,

or don’t know,

what the hell they are doing!!!

I admit,

it all left me a little,




I heard a columnist,

Josh Freed,

say somethin’,

I totally agreed with,

he said with this result,

no-one is happy,


all are content.

We have a new government,

got rid of the Liberals,


made them a strong oposition,

in a minority government,

and we gave Pauline a chance,

to see what she can do,

while not giving,

she and her party too much,


if they try to take us,

in a direction the population,

doesn’t want to go,

the goverment will topple.

I think this is an astute evaluation.

I didn’t vote,

for her,


now that she is our Premier,

the first woman to be in that position in Quebec,

this should obviously be applauded,

she is an experienced politician,


a mature woman,

we need to give her a chance.

Of course,

none of this is the upsetting part.


she even got a chance,

to show what she can or can’t do,

at her victory party,

a man tried to get into the theatre,

shot two,

killed one,

and tried to set fire to the place,

he was stopped and an innocent worker,

was killed in foiling what was,

undoubtedly a assasination attempt,

on the Premier elect.

An act of madness,

motivated by,



probably both,


mostly madness,

this woman,

was elected democratically,

whether we voted for her or not,

is immaterial.

This act,

kept me up,

most of the night,


worried me.

Would  things,


cause division?

lead to name calling?



From both sides of,

the ‘two solitudes’


after a few days,

of freaking,



holding our breath,

we realise,

that we will go on,






go on we will,

because we do,

we get along,


we don’t,

we are family,

for better for worse,

we share a collective history,

of survival,

on the American continent.

Felicitations Mme. Marois,


good luck:-)

So I’ve spent a week,

putting this in perspective,



I think I can write and read again,



I’m going to listen to some,

old Doobie Brothers,

I’m in that kind of mood.

Later girls,


***a brave man gave his life to save our Premier and abbort what might have been a national tragedy, the loss of this man is a tragedy, Godspeed, Denis***

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2 thoughts on “Quebec complexity”

  1. I was stunned by the assassination attempt. Stunned and horrified. It just doesn’t seem… Canadian. You know? More like us savages to the south.

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