Latest reading impressions

It’s a nice morning,


almost afternoon,


I feel so much better,

I’ve even managed to get,

through a couple of books.

I read Conrad’s The Secret Agent,

a very political, radical, anarchist novel,

I liked it.

I read a mystery novel,

something I haven’t done,

in a while,

Barry Maitland,

The Marx Sisters,

the first in a series,

featuring Detectives Brock and Kolla,

intelligent and well plotted,

I intend to read more.

I also finished Lady Chatterley’s Lover,

beautiful book,

very sensuous,

an astute observation,

about class distinctions,


male female roles,

at the time,

I wonder how much things have changed?






reminded me a great deal,

of Hardy’s Jude The Obscure,

a satisfying read,

that needs time to sit.

I had thought,

of re-reading some,

John Irving,

at the beginning of the year,


I hadn’t got around to it.

Last weekend,

I took a copy of Cider House Rules,

off the shelves,

in the bookstore,

it’s one that never seems,

to last long.

I read it years ago,


I have sketchy memories,

of it,

I remember the orphans,

and their odd names,

I remember Homer,

working in an apple orchard,

but, not much else.

My sinus problems,

have forced me to read,



for short stretches,

which is perfect for,

such a long,

plot heavy,

complex novel,

what a master story teller,

Irving is,

you can see every character,

even the ‘walk ons’,

you care about them,

all of them,

they are so human,

the good,

the bad,

the strong,

the weak.

The thing with Irving is,

you want to read quickly,

to get to the end,

‘see’ what happens,


if you do that,


don’t re-read,

you miss most of,

the moral,



Good people do bad things,

bad things happen to good people,

life is full of joys,


full of tragedies,

he shows this,

doesn’t tell,


never judges,

you don’t know what he thinks,

not really,

it’s a thing of beauty,

his artistry,

in the guise of storytelling.

I don’t know,

if any of this,

makes sense to you,

just sharing impressions.


Later girls,



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