A friend’s new book and Merry Christmas:-)


it’s snowing,

sort of,

looks like,

we’ll have some,

white stuff,

for Christmas:-)

The Habs are,

on a major losing streak.


I’ve been very busy,

at the bookstore,

I hope it keeps up,

at least ’til,

New Year’s:-)

Winters are tough in retail,

you need a cushion.

I’ve been reading,

not much time to,




a little before bed.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover,

is turning out to be,

all I had hoped for,

a deep, dense read,

I’m liking it,

big time.

I’m also reading,

Americans In Paris: A Literary Anthology,

edited by Adam Gopnik,

of The New Yorker,

and published by,

The Library Of America.

This book,

was a Christmas present to me,

from me,

I do that,

I always get myself,

a new book,

something I know,

I’ll like:-)

The book is full of,

letters and journal entries,

Americans living in,

or visiting,


Some are very famous,

both the entries and the authors,

some are more obscure.

So far,

it’s been a delight,

for my hands,




all a good book,

should be.

‘Speaking’ of,

good books,

my friend Mel,

the busy and prolific writer,

has a new book,

just been released,

Franky Gets Real,

at Bold Stroke Books,


it’s getting some good reviews,

from bloggers and such,

I know why,

it’s good.

Of all her books,

thus far,

Three released and one on the way,

It’s my favourite.

Mel’s a good writer,

this one speaks to me,


I can hear the voices,

I can see the characters,

she has a real ear for dialogue,


you care for the characters,

they’re real,

like the people,

you went to High School with.

If you get a chance,

check it out,

it’s worth it.

You don’t even have to take,

my word for it,

read these,




also Bold Strokes Books,

is releasing it,

as an electronic bundle,

with some other interesting,

Gay comtemporary fiction,

I don’t read a lot gay contemporary,

maybe I should read more?

food for thought:-)


You all ready for Christmas?

I’m looking forward to it,


it also makes me anxious,

I want everything to be perfect,


everyone to get along,

which let’s face it, is beyond my control:-)

This year,


from missing my loved ones,

who have gone,

to the great hunting ground in the sky,

I’m feeling,


dare I say it,



I have happy healthy,

friends and family,

children around,

to keep me young,

friends around,

to keep me real,


a love to call my own,


I’m blessed:-)

Here’s wishing you girls,

as much,

in the way of blessings,


a gentle wind,

at your back,

to help you,


buoyant and light,

through Christmas,

into a New Year.

Later girls,


p.s To me Christmas isn’t a religious thing, it’s about love and loved ones, so to all denominations and non denominations, Merry Christmas:-)


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