BB’s wardrobe is ready for Fall

It is a beautiful day,

blue sky,

early fall,

not too warm,

not too cool,



it’s September:-)

It’s one of my,

‘me’ time mornings,

when I sit around,


at the computer,


or not:-)

This has been,

a slow week,


last week was,




who’s complaining?

The weirdest thing just popped into my mind, when I was a kid, there used to be this add on TV, it was for unions, and workers, regular everyday factory workers, would sing this song’Look for the union label…we work hard, but, who’s complaining?’ 🙂

All week,

I’ve been thinking,


it will be cold enough,

to wear,

my new,

leather jacket,


it’s not quite cool enough,



I apologise,

to all you heat worshipping,

lizard people



you do know,

that one of BB’s,

many motos,


Fall Is Butch Season.

I got some,



some I bought,

some the ex gave me,

the ones the ex gave me,

I like as much,

as the ones,

I bought,

in a few cases,


even more.

You see the ex is,

much bolder,

in her choices,

colour choices,

that is,


I’m a free spirit,


book seller,

who wears a lot,

of blues,


and greys,

my idea of pattern,

is plaid,



I’ve never owned,

a paisley shirt,

in my life,

Well, I do now:-)

and honestly,

it looks smashing,

I also have a new,

red shirt,

blood red,

this I will have to keep,

for special occasions,


I figure,



rip it,

from my body,

in a fit of,



tongue firmly planted in cheek<wink>

 So, I’ve shed,

a few pounds,

bought some new,

boot cut men’s jeans,

two sizes smaller,

than the girl stretch jeans,

and I feel,

like a new butch,


I say bring on the fall!!

Later girls,



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Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my very early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream

4 thoughts on “BB’s wardrobe is ready for Fall”

  1. Fall clothes are much more in line with my gender identity. I already feel more comfortable in my skin now I can wear my cords, v-neck sweaters, and cotton shirts with vests again.

  2. I love fall…well, Houston’s version of it! That means that I get to keep wearing exactly what I’m wearing now…Michelle Obama-esque dresses…you know, anything that that shows off all of my hard work at the park and the gym and on my bike…:-)

    I love my Lucky Brand boyfriend jeans and my sweaters, but dressing in a dress is fast and easy! Under-wear, dress, sandals…out the door! I could even wear boots…I won’t but I could! So maybe, BB you should consider a dress;-)… You know, just for variety and speed. You are a self-assured Butch so you can wear Anything!

  3. BB in a dress LMAO, no, not gonna happen, last time I wore a dress? High School graduation:-)
    Today? I would wear pants and a nice shirt. I like dresses on other women, Michelle Obama is a nice example,
    You get yours from J Crew as well? I remember seeing the first lady on Jay Leno wearing a classic American sportswear dress by J.Crew
    ( this was after it was revealed that Sarah Palin had spent a fortune on clothes) Mrs Obama announced her outfit had cost $125.00.

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