Of Bruins, Coyote and Malamud

Well girls,



The Big Bad Bruins,

they won,

the Stanley Cup,



they kicked ass:-)

The better team won.

Tim Thomas won,

the Conn Smythe,

for most valuable player,

much deserved.


my Habs,



are the last,

Canadian team,

to bring home,

Lord Stanley’s trophy.

That team,

rough and tumble,


in net,

in my opinion,

the greatest goalie,

who ever played,

Patrick Roy.

The Canucks,

could have been,



I don’t think,

they could have won.

Congratulations to them,

finishing second,

ain’t nothing,

it’s a tough league.

So, to the relief,

of a few,

of you,

I’m sure!!


no more,

hockey talk,



well, maybe a little if there’s a big trade or something:-)

Earlier in the week,

I told you all,

I had read,

Ivan Coyote’s,

Bow Grip,

it’s a terrific read.

Her first novel,

don’t know,

if she’s written,

others since,

I’ll have to,

look into it.

If you haven’t read,


you should,

and her,

spoken word,


some of which,

is available,

on You Tube,

is a charming,

foray into,

the mind of the butch.

Bow Grip,

is the story of,


a mechanic,

from a small,

Alberta town,

a very sympathetic character,


with modern,


relationship issues.

His wife of five years,

left him,

for a woman.


is not in the least,

a knee jerk reactionary,


a redneck.

He is a good man,

not a saint,

a good man.

Bow Grip,

is a novel,

about putting,

the pieces,

back together.



or stereotypical,

about the characters,

or the plot,

loved every bit of it.

I highly recommend it.


I finished Malamud’s,

The Assistant.

At the beginning of,

the year,

I read The Tenants,

by the same author,

I considered it,

an excellent book,

for many reasons,

it spoke to me,

it was about,


the creative process,

it took place,

in Brooklyn.

I liked it,

a lot.

The Assistant,

is undeniably,

a good book,

it paints a clear,

picture of a time,

and place,

of hard working people,

trying to make it,

and being,

beat down.

The writing is tight,

clear, precise prose,

dialogue, you can hear.

Morris, the grocer,

is a good, honest man,

he can’t seem to catch,

a break,

and you keep hoping,

he will.

Frank, the Assistant,

is a man trying to go,

the right way,

find redemption.

This novel,

has many things,

to recommend it.

I guess,

it just wasn’t my thing.

I preferred,

The tenants,

I’m sure,

college professors,

wouldn’t agree.

One thing I did,

really like about,

The Assistant,

you are left,

with a sense of hope,

a happy ending,

sort of.


I’m caught up,

on my reading notes,

I hope you’re all having,

a great week.

Later girls,


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