Sunday at the library

Grey, mild, wet day,

perfect for a library visit,

which is what I had decided on,

last night.

Mom read,

The Hunger Games,

this week,


she wanted me to get her,

the second and third parts,

no luck,

every last one of the twelve copies,

were out!

I did find her some,

Scandinavian mysteries,

she likes those,

Swedish writer,

Kjell Erickson,

not too sure,

no longer my cup of tea.

I read too many mysteries,

in the last few years,

I find many of them brilliant,


more than a little thought provoking,


the macabre details of human ugliness,

has gotten to be,

too much for me.

I still enjoy Ian Rankin,

I’ve yet to read his latest Rebus, but, it is patiently waiting on my desk.

Considering what I have,

just ‘said’,

about macabre and human ugliness,

it’s odd that,

I should have become,

fascinated with World War I,

memoirs and novels,


last year’s readings,

Goodbye To All That,


All Quiet On The Western Front,

made me want to know more,

about WW I,

and reading Pat Barker’s Regeneration,

meant I had to read the,

next two parts of that trilogy.

Regeneration is a great novel,

moving, sparse, deep, haunting,

I read it a few months ago,


I still feel it’s effects.

They never seem to have,

The Eye In The Door and The Ghost Road,

when I go to the library,

Well, today,

they did!!!

So I took both out,

I hope I’ll have time to read them,

in the three weeks,

if not there is always,




In keeping with,

the WW I theme,

I also took out,

the first part of Siegfried Sassoon’s,

fictionalised memoirs,

Memoirs Of A Fox Hunting Man.

Sassoon is a ‘real life’,

soldier, poet, pacifist,

he is also,

a character in the Pat Barker series.

A unique kind of a fellow,

he interests me,

I need to know more.

These three books,

fit in well with my resolution,

to read better books,

not just in the broccoli sense,


quality fiction,

that brings you knowledge,


perhaps even,


into the human condition.

I’ll let you know what I think.

Have a good evening,

enjoy the Oscars.

Later girls,


Library Visit

It is a gorgeous day,



The Habs beat,

the Bruins,

again last night,

Go Habs Go:-)

I just got back from,

the library,

brought back,

Les Liaisons Dangereuses,


Blood Meridian.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses,

was very well written,

and very,



the characters were,

pretty much,


It kind of bummed,

me out on certain aspects,

of human nature.

Blood Meridian,

I didn’t have time to even try,

I would have renewed,

but it was,

on reserve,

maybe some other time:-)

The reading of my friend’s,

manuscript on,


has got me busy,


has re-awakened,

my dormant interest in,





I poked around,

the history stacks,

at the library,

and took out,

a one volume,


of the Journals Of Lewis and Clark.

Been a long time,

since I read about,

the exploration of,

the North American continent,

and I don’t know much,

about Lewis and Clark.

Save for my PBS education, American Experience, Rocks:-)

So, after Anarchism,

and its development,

in the 19 th century,

it will be,

the exploration of the Mississippi,

in the 18 th century.

Well, Im off

Later girls,


Three for Three:-)

It was a nice day,




more like,



since last weeks,

high was 47,

34 almost,




I read an excellent book,

over the last two days,

Lucky In The Corner,

by Carol Anshaw,

I enjoyed it,

smart, funny,

not your run of the mill,

kind of a book,

still wrapping my mind,

around it,

I’ll write about it soon.

This is the second of,

Anshaw’s books,

I’ve read,

the first was,


The last batch from,

the library,


Literary Life,

Grace(Eventually) thoughts On Faith,

and Lucky In The Corner,

they were all terrific,

Three for Three,

batting a thousand,

I love it when that,



I’ve been busy,

and I’ve been,


about something,

I want to write,

about butchness,


the acceptance,

or rejection,

of labels,

I need to chew on it,

some more,


just wanted you girls,

to know I’m around,


I’ll write something,

more substantial,


Later girls,


Library visit

I’m melting,

I’m melting,

it’s hot,

very hot,


weirdly enough,

I’m getting used to,



I’m still melting:-)

Had a whole,

bunch of boring,

little things,

to do,


nothing worth,


I went to the library,

brought back,

the Ivans,

and got some,

new stuff,

A Carol Anshaw,

I read her,


last year,

really enjoyed it,


someone suggested,

I check out more,

of her stuff,

and the library,

happened to have,

Lucky In The Corner,


into the book bag,

it went.

One of my favourite,

books read this year,


Bird By Bird,

by Anne Lamott,

so I got her,

Grace(Eventually) Thoughts On Faith,

it’s a book of essays,

I like her style,

I like her humour,

I’m looking forward,

to reading it.


I was poking around,

the memoir section,

I came accross,

Literary Life,

by Larry McMurtry,

I loved,

the first part,

of his memoirs,

Books: A Memoir,

this is the second part,

should be a good read,

not too long,

I read part of it,

at the library,

he’s a pro,

this guy,

it flows.

From the back cover:

What I hoped to be, all my mature life, is a man of letters. Somerset Maugham, not much  valued today, was a man of letters, and his valedictory statement is to be found in a lovely book called  The Summing Up, which in my youth, I read many times.

McMurtry and I,

destined to get along,

we both love,



I know it’s not much,

of a post,


did I mention,

I’m melting.


Later girls,


Library visit, Coyote and Schoemperlen, women to read

Today was a scorcher,

or as the Fonz would,

have said,


Forgive the seventies flashback, please:-)

I took the metro,

to the library,

not too busy,

a pretty sunny day,

and the last of,

the long weekend.

The metro felt like, I would imagine a Turkish bath to be like, never been to Turkey or a Turkish bath, but, my body thinks, sweltering, hot and sticky.

The library was cool,

the magic of,

air conditioning,


I took out,

a few Donna Leon books,

for mom,

she loves those,

 set in,



and I got myself some,

Ivan Coyote,

I’m crushing on her,



I read her,

as a strong butch voice,

since we are,

of similar age,

it really speaks to me.

I was lucky to find,

two of her story collections,

I haven’t read,

Missing Her,


The Slow Fix.

Coyote has this,

strange effect on me,

she makes me want to be,

a better writer,

or give up,


this effect is,




food for thought:-)

As I was heading out,

of the library,

I spotted these,

used book seller,


and I can’t help,


when I see such things,

I gotta look,

it’s a disease.

I’m glad I stopped,

I picked up,

three books for two bucks.

Tom Brown’s School Days,

a sort of ratty copy,

of this children’s classic,

it’s a title that has,

intrigued me for years.

This copy,

has a name,

on the first page,

James C McGill,

July 3rd 1919,

I just had to rescue it,

from oblivion,

for James’ sake.

Another book,

was one of those,

college course type books,

Nine Modern Classics: An Anthology of Short Novels.

It includes,







a good book to have.

To hold or sell,

should I choose to sell,

it’s a no brainer,

I’ll get my two bucks back,

just for that book,


I didn’t buy it,

with that intention,

I’ve never read,

Kafka or Conrad,

and I figured,

this way,

I can try both.

The book that really excited,

my imagination,

was a pristine,


first edition,


 Our Lady Of The Lost And Found,

by Diane Schoemperlen.

Ms Schoemperlen,

is a fine,

Canadian Writer.

This novel,

won the Governor General’s Award for Fiction.

The GG’s as they are now,

often called,

are probably and arguably,

Canada’s most prestigious,

Literary Prizes.

I read this book,

a few years ago,

it was published,

in 2001.

It is a book,

of maturity,


and tongue in cheek humour.

A must read,

in my opinion.

Since, reading it,

I have bought all,

of the lady’s books,


and in hardcover,

I don’t do that with,

 many authors,

pretty much,

John Irving,


Diane Schoemperlen.

She deserves to be read.

I’m going to re-read it soon,

and tell you,

what I think,

it left quite an impresion,

let’s hope,

it sticks:-)

Well it’s late,

I better get some sleep,

while it’s cooler,

Later girls,


Library visit, rambling and a blog you should read.

It’s not raining,


if ,

the level,

of dampness,

in the air,

is any,


it should start,

pretty soon,


Just so,

you don’t think,

I’m the only one,

who talks,



and weather,

and to add,

a little bit,

of credence,

I feel a bad moon a risin’ I feel trouble in the air I know we’re in for nasty weather don’t come around tonight it’s bound to take your life there’s a bad moon on the risin’- Credence Clearwater Revival <wink, nudge, wink>

to my theory,

of Canadians,


obsessed with,

the weather,

you should read this,,

of course,

it’s not only,

about the,


It’s a lovely piece,


a funny,



who makes me,


and makes me,


Do yourself a favour,

check it out:-)

This morning,

I had cabin fever,

so I headed for,

the library,

usually busy,

on a rainy Sunday,


today was,

freebie day,

for the,

Montreal Museums,

so the hoards,

who usually,


the library,

were invading,

the museums:-)

I was right,

quiet at the library,

the metro?

woo hoo,

that was,

another story,

hot and humid,


times like these, I think maybe the suburbs wouldn’t be so bad, usually lasts half a second:-)

I survived,

the trip,

and met up,

with my friend,

the tycoon,

we meet there,

once in a while,

and usually grab lunch.

I took out,

Annie Dillard’s book,

The Writing Life,

it came highly,


and I got myself,

Ivan Coyote’s novel,

Bow Grip,

I really liked,

Close to Spiderman,

I like her perspective,

and wanted to,

read more.

I also have,

Drag King Dreams,

by Leslie Feinberg,

I’ve read,

only twenty pages,

or so,

I had a long hard week,

full of commitments,

so it didn’t leave,

much time for reading.

Next week,

is the dreaded sidewalk sale,

I hate it,

kind of like,

visiting the dentist,


the gynecologist,

the same day:-)

This year,

I’m thinking positive,

I need a good week,

maybe drugs,

would help:-)

One thing is for sure,

coming home,

to a good book,

will help.

Later girls,


Library visit

Beautiful March day,

which means,

cold and blue,

The Habs?

Don’t even get me started,

they’re playing like crap,



they’re losing.

Controlled breathing exercise.

I’m trying to read,

Maurice by E.M Forster,

I have to say,

I don’t really like it,



I just need,


Still reading,

the Bruce Chatwin biography,

it’s good,

but, it takes time,

and concentration,

two things I seem,

to be,

in short supply,



Haven’t read much,

since the beginning,

of the year,

a lot of it has been,

very demanding,

some of it dark,

most of it,


I went to the library,


any excuse is good,

I had to bring back,

The Powerbook,


it wasn’t really due,

I just wanted to walk,

on Ste-Catherine.

So, I picked up,

two Jane Rule books,

that I have never read,

The Young in One Another’s Arms,


This Is Not For You.

I’ve read two,

of her novels,

Desert Of The Heart,

which I loved,


Contract With The World,

which I didn’t.

Jane Rule,

is a woman for who,

I have respect and admiration,

tough, smart.

Seen her interviewed,

many times,

a fine mind,

a good heart.

These books,

aren’t too long,

and will help,

in my quest to know,

the history,

of lesbians and queers,

in general,

a long time,


I have also,

been reading,

Transgender Warrior,

Leslie Feinberg’s history,

of transgender,

an informative,




Can’t say enough,

good about,


Stone Butch Blues,

is in my opinion,

a must read,

for anyone,




off to read:-)

Later girls,



Library visit part II

I’m back,

the sky is now,

pearl grey,

my thoughts are,

much clearer,

and all in all,

pretty positive.

A walk down,

my street,

La Catherine,

always does it.

I still have the parka,


the woolen cap,

is gone,

put away,

’til next winter,

I hope.

My favourite ball cap,

has taken it’s place,

a camel coloured Gap,

State Champions 1969,


I was four years old in 1969,

still it’s my favourite,

frames my face best,

and looks good,

with the rectangular,

frames of my glasses.

The library was calm,

nice day,

sort of,

people out and about.

I walked from,

St-Denis all the way to Guy,

my heart will thank me later,

I hope,

I was doing a little,

spring cleaning,

of the mind,

the cobwebs,

the stale air.

I was making room,

I hope it worked.

I picked up,


like I said I would,

also a Jeanette Winterson,

I’m sure,

I’ve read,


seems to be missing,

from my bookshelf,

The Powerbook,

must have loaned it out.

I think I’ll read a while,

I don’t seem to have much,

to say.

Later girls,


Library Visit and a walk down The Street

Library visit,


Been going,

to the library,

a lot lately,

When I’m,

bored and broke,

the library,

is a good option.

I still have,

Giovanni’s Room,


Gertrude Stein’s Selected Writings,

I am going to be reading,

the Baldwin this week.

I took out two more books,

a biography of,

Bruce Chatwin,

by Nicolas Shakespeare,

and a,

Ford Madox Ford tetralogy,

Parade’s End.

I have long held a fascination,

for Bruce Chatwin,

I think,

strangely enough,

it stems from my love,

for Moleskin notebooks.

Chatwin lived a dream life,

travelling all over the planet,

and writing about it.

The Chatwin stuff,

I’ve read I really liked.

I like the look of him,

the romance of him,

and his tragic end.

It’s a big book,

should take me a while,

to get through,

I’ll let you know.

Ford Madox Ford,

is a British writer from,

the teens and twenties,

he was a very influential editor,

and was a major influence,

on Hemingway and company,

the Lost Generation.

This tetralogy is often referred to,

as some of the best novels,

about the Great War,

First World War.

I know next to nothing,

about the War to End All Wars,

as a Canadian,

I really should,

so many of ours,

died in that war.

Instead of taking,

the subway,

straight home,

I walked up,

Ste-Catherine street.

I love Ste-Catherine street,

through the,

good times and the bad.

Hers and mine.

It’s my street.

To me,

the heart of the city.

I walked from,

St-Denis to Jeanne-Mance,

a lot of change going on,

in that part,

they are totally transforming,

the Main, St-Laurent,

making it into a gentrified,

place for the Jazz Fest and company.

I like the Jazz Fest,

and I like tourists,


when a city looses some of it’s,


in favour of ,

uniformity and slickness,

it looses history and character.

Cities aren’t,

only about postcard vistas,

they are also,

about people,



and tough, weary,


Pretending there are no,


and poor,

doesn’t solve the problem.

Urban renewal,

is important,

but, at what cost?

I’m a little bit sick of condos,

and concert halls,

I’d like some trees,

and social housing.

But, hey,

I’m no urban planner.


the Oscars,

I can’t say I really care,


I’d like to see,

our nominee,

Incendie by Denis Villeneuve,

win best foreign film,

fingers crossed:-)

Later girls,


Library visit and my continuing search for…

Another glorious day here,

in La Belle Province,

well my part of it,


I decided to go to the library,

I had some books to bring back,

and I wanted to,

pick up a couple more.

A few weeks ago,

a new acquaintance,

told me,

what her favourite books were,

and I decided to check them out,

both figuratively and literally.

You can tell a lot about a person,

from her favourite books ,


if you haven’t read them,

you better get crackin’:-)

So, my library loot:

I still have,

Making Things Better and

Look At Me,

both by Anita Brookner.

I heard many good things about Brookner,

on various book blogs,

she writes about the loner,

and the loner,

fascinates me.

So, no brainer,

check out Brookner.

The two books I took out today,

Jude The Obscure by Thomas Hardy

and a children’s classic,

Where The Red Fern Grows,

by Wilson Rawls.

It’s funny,

I’ve started reading children’s classics,

in the last four, five years,

Harriet The Spy,

Charlotte’s Web,


and they are charming and heartwarming,

better late than never.

This lady assures me,

Where The Red Fern Grows,

is super and makes your heart sing,


 in my opinion,

you can never have,

too much singing heart,

I will be reading it this week.

Jude The Obscure,

for it’s part,

is described as the story of,

a non-conformist.

I consider myself a non-conformist,

I tried to read Tess Of The D’ubervilles,

many years ago,

I think I wasn’t ready for Hardy,


perhaps that has changed.


Later girls,