It is here, the new year,
has been for a few days.
I have made a few resolutions.
I have discussed a few with all of you,
here on the blog and on face book.

Work harder,
write more,
read more and deeper.
Keep to the path of better health,
and, nutrition.
Do not over think,
Flee the haters.

I have been keeping a journal,
not really a diary,
keeping track of what I do,
who I see, what I eat and read,
what preoccupies me.

So far, so good,
entries every day,
sometimes more than once,
on long days.

I have been doing my workout,
a bit of a challenge,
in the deep freeze.
No beating myself up,
no complacency either,
keep going,
do the best I can,

I am currently reading,
Jane Jacobs,
The Death And Life Of Great American Cities
read her years ago,
with my renewed interest,
in urbanity,
the space I live in,
with my fellow citizens,
how much I wish to work,
with others to make it,
a better place,
as great as it can be,
my beautiful ugly.
Jane Jacobs helps me,
flesh out concepts,
give texture and words,
to feelings, thoughts,
I am also reading,
at the same time,
a wonderful,
book form,
conversation between,
one of our best architects,
a brilliant journalist,
about the importance,
of beauty in our daily,
More food for thoughts,
Et Si La Beaute Rendait Heureux-Pierre Thibault, Architecte et Francois Cardinal, Journaliste.

Thoreau's essay:
of particular interest to us,
walkers and spiritual seekers.

They all go together,
preparing me for my,
new found fervour,
and quest for meaning,
in my life.
Two paths are most important,
to me this year.

Involvement in,
municipal politics,
to me it's a put up or,
shut up, 
Things need to change,
I will no longer sit,
ideally by,
sure vote,
but watch people,
who don't deserve to run,
our city and institutions,
get into office,
fight voter apathy,
talk, discuss the issues,
make it real to people,
because it is real,
this 'they are all the same',
attitude has got to go.
No more putting up,
with greed, graft and corruption,
our ideas may not always,
prevail but,
in my case it will no longer be,
through lack of trying.

Also this year,
I want to help people.
I must,
use my people skills and,
communication abilities,
they are my strengths,
and putting them to the,
service of people,
in whichever way I can,
is an objective,
I believe a path to,

This year I will make art,
no matter what,
because life goes on,
until it does not.

Funny, all the plans,
I made for New Year's day,
didn't work out,
not even plans,
B and C,
I became much less flustered,
than I had similarly,
a week earlier,
so ,
maybe just maybe,
the reflection and,
the not overthinking are,

I wish all of you,
a happy, healthy, fun and loving new year.

My words to live by for this year,
are by the great Louisa May Alcott:

Good Books like good friends,
are few and chosen; the more select.
The more enjoyable.

Flee the haters,
seek the light.

Be well, all of you.

Later girls,

2 Replies to “2017-Commit, create, flee the haters”

  1. Jane Jacobs’ recipe for Madeleines is in the latest issue of “Brick” magazine. Sometimes it’s easier to go for a walk, I find, when I know there is a plate of something lovely waiting for me back at home. Best of luck keeping the wellness goals and all the rest, including the bookish and writerly bits. After all, 2017 could be amazing!

  2. Wow, must check that out:-) I love to walk and if I lived in a better climate I would walk even more, I walk as much as I can, Montreal from December to March, not optimum, the cold, the slippery sidewalks but, my rubber soled boots, parka and big trapper hat make it more than ok. I am feeling good about, everything hope you do as well, Happy New Year!

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