One Pot Dinners

Earlier this Summer, prepping radishes Hello everyone. Hope you are all well. Anyone who knows me, knows, I love to eat, I am a rotund individual. I also love to cook, for people I love. I guess you could say, it is one of my love languages, it is one of the ways I give… Continue reading One Pot Dinners

Long Time Coming

Selfie of Catherine and I last August during the Pride festivities In August of 2020, I met Catherine, we had been chatting for a bit, on a dating website for people over 50, Silver Singles. I had been ‘dating’ someone else. I add the quotation marks because it was a long distance relationship and we… Continue reading Long Time Coming

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is mom’s birthday. She would have been 83. It has been almost 3 years, since, mom, passed away. I miss her. Marthe, is around, in my apartment, her photo, her things, her influence on my library, on my life. Recently, I had a print framed. I found it, in a cardboard tube, at the… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Mom

Life Changes

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. It has been ten days since, my birthday. I have been working on, life changes. For the last eight days, I have been doing, chair yoga. I want to stretch, and build strenght, but, I do not want, to hurt myself. I have also, noticed that… Continue reading Life Changes

It’s Been a Minute

The soon to be 58 year old Hello everyone, I trust you are all well. It’s been a minute, as the kids say, well I think that’s what they say, what do I know I ain’t no kid, but I do watch You Tube lol I have been busy and preoccupied, also, happy, none of… Continue reading It’s Been a Minute

Trouble Reading

Hello All! Hope you are well. It’s Spring, the sky is blue, the wind is still cold, we might get snow, but… it’s Spring. It feels good, looking forward to, walking around town, this weekend, with my girl, maybe a museum visit, lunch downtown. The thing with Spring is, even when it is, cold, windy,… Continue reading Trouble Reading

26 Years ago, today

Hello everyone, today it is Spring! I am anxious for, the snow to melt, we still have some, here in my beautiful ugly, and some might still fall. But, Spring it is! The light is more… bright, the light is… more. March 21 st 1997, my dad passed away, suddenly and brutally. Massive heart attack,… Continue reading 26 Years ago, today

Number 1000, Woo Hoo!

Well here it is, Blog post 1000! I have thought about what to write. I have thought about, how many people, see, writing a blog, a public journal if you will, as, self indulgent. I suppose it is. But, I have learned, a few things, because of this blog. The most important, of these, is,… Continue reading Number 1000, Woo Hoo!